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111- DIY Best Inspiring Before Buying Curtains for Home


Inspiring Before Buying Curtains for Home – Curtain is complement of decoration in your home that is going to beautify your home design. On the other side, curtain has important function to control incoming or outgoing of light or sunlight by the home building through the windows. As a consequence for getting the best and comfortable curtain, householder have to adjust between design and necessary for using the curtain.

In millennial era, using certain as complement of decoration and as light controller have created with wide assortment of unique styles, colours, materials, sizes and patterns that can be chosen based on necessary of householder. For helping householder, this article gives these tips for getting consideration in choosing the best curtain to householder’s home design,

√ Room theme

room theme for suitabling with curtain
modern living room

The first thing done by householder for getting the suitable curtain is knowing and understanding about what is the theme by room, for instance: traditional theme, modern theme, traditional modern theme, minimalize theme, futuristic theme, classic theme, abstract theme, nature theme or other themes.

This point has function for adjusting between home designs with usage of the curtain in the room. It is going to be simple as ABC if householder has plan or big picture about the design before building or using the curtain. In such a manner, there is mismatched in usage of the curtain when householder does not know or understand about this point carefully.

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√ Correlation with colour

curtain ideas
curtain with nature design in the living room

This point is the next point for getting suitable curtain in the room. Correlation colour in this point is correlation between paint of wall, furniture and curtain colour. All of them must to be complement and supporter of the other because it is going to give arrangement effect in the room.

As in likewise, their suitable correlations are going to show the best design and comfortable atmosphere in the room. It means that the room looks alive for giving comfortable atmosphere to members of home or visitors because of the correlations of the, are suitable, for example: when householder wants to use nature design in the living room, householder must collaborate ornamental plants as property of decoration, cream colour as paint of wall and dark green as colour of certain are suitable collaboration for supporting this theme.

In otherwise, it is going to be bad when the correlation is not suitable. Because it is going to give tacky collaboration or mismatched between all of things in the room. Thus, householder has to be capable for looking and arranging the collaboration of them.

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√ Style and pattern

pattern or stylisth curtain
stylish curtain

Now, we can get curtain with many styles and patterns. But householder cannot to use it as you wish. Because, it is same as colour giving effect to home design and room atmosphere. So, householder must collaborate the pattern and style based on the home design or room design.

When the paint of wall is plain, householder can use curtain with pattern or stylish. In otherwise, using plain curtain is the best solution when the wall has many decoration properties. Because, it is going to show the balance of room. Besides, it is not going to show crowded or tacky atmosphere in the room.

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√ Material of curtain

velvet material curtain
velvet material

As consideration for choosing material, householder can adjust with the room necessary, such as: when the room has used tinted glass in the window, householder can use curtain with thin material or using blackout, suede or velvet material is the best choice when the room design is visible glare.

In addition, curtain with thin material can be easy for arranging, installing more than thick material. Because thick material is difficult material that is so hard for making it stylist. The other important thing is the material that can be absorbed heat in the room because it is going to save the atmosphere of the air condition in the room.

Besides, for getting curtain with the best material, householder must buy it in the afternoon time because it is going to be easy for surveying quality of the material and choosing the best colour.

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√ Size of curtain

size of curtain
size of curtain

Householder must know about arranging curtain on the window. Because it is going to become determinant of the size using in the room. In modern design, Interior designer arranges the curtain 15 centimetres until 20 centimetres on the window. They think that the design is going to give big size impression in the room. So, it needs the long size for getting it.

In addition, the size of curtain is not snugly. It means that the size must be wider more than the size of window. Because, it is going to close perfectly and not going to let the open corner by the window. Householder can adjust the size of curtain and windows based on national standard.

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√ Watch the stitching of curtain

stitching of curtain
curtain ideas

This is last important thing by this article. But it has important function for saving the curtain. Householder must pay attention with observant once about this part. This part can apply when householder is going to buy curtain already so in market. Householder does not affect with low price because there is indication that the market uses bad stitching for making the curtain.

In addition, watching the stitching of curtain is going to avoid rips on curtains before householder buy it. Your precision determines the age of your curtain. So, householder does not underestimate this point for getting the best curtain.

In the nutshell, using curtain better or not is depended on householder. So it means that householder must make plan of room design and curtains. This article helps householder for checking curtain before buying it to get the best curtain. Besides, householder must know and understand about taking care and cleaning the curtain.

After all thing for getting curtain is already, householder does not forget for paying it to seller. Householder can find many transaction manners in market. Generally, using credit system is easy system for getting curtain when you do not have enough money. But it is more expensive than cash. So please, you have to avoid it.

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